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The Politics of Promotion: Part Three

In the final installment of the three part writing series, we seek possible solutions to the difficult answer of whether or not to promote internally.  We still keep the two basic staffing dilemmas which are: when a Director of Sales leaves your company, recruit someone from the outside and and risk some of your better Regional Sales Representatives heading for the hills?  Or do you choose to promote internally even though the employee in question does not have higher management experience?

Here is a way to get the best of both worlds: Postpone a direct internal promotion (with nearly no risk of the Regional Sales Representatives leaving) while still being able to test out an individual from an outside company.

Ways to Get the “Best of Both Worlds

Let’s assume out of the 10 Regional Sales Managers, you find three to be of great importance to your selling initiative and do not want to lose any of these employees.  However, you have some great outsiders on the market whom you would like to test out.

1.  In order to not lose these Regional Sales Managers off the bat, give out small promotions to each.  This will make each Manager feel important and give them a clear message that the company wants them to stay.  Additionally, form some sort of Managerial board of directors, give the group some topics to discuss and see the outcome.  No matter who you promote, have the remaining Regional Sales Representatives pick a replacement and keep this group going.  You might also give each of your three Regional Sales Managers an interim professional title which suggests a higher up importance within the company.

2.  After the board is in intact, bring in an outsider as a consultant.  This will give you time to evaluate the different options with virtually no risk of your Regional Sales Managers seeking other career options.

3.  After all the previous steps have been completed, bring in the potential outside Sales Director.  Label him or her as a consultant until all three managers are up to snuff on some of the professional aspects they would have to learn to become an effective Sales Director.  This gives you a four prong advantage: you show little ambition of bringing in an outsider for good, you make your three top Regional Sales Managers feel important and, you get to test out the “fire power,” of an outside job applicant.  You have also just bought yourself a few months to make your final staffing decision.

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