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Changing Jobs – When it’s Time to Leave Your Company

Signs It’s Time to Move Companies

Leaving your job can be hard.  It’s like being in a relationship – you’ve worked at it, it’s been rewarding at times, but at the end of the day you just aren’t satisfied.  There are a million different reasons why you might not be entirely happy at work and not all of them mean that you should think about getting a different job.  There are times, however, when making a change is the right decision to make for yourself and your career.  Here are some telltale signs that it might be time to leave your company.

1.  Your current company isn’t coming out with any new products

If your company is not coming out with new products and innovative ways to market what they have to offer, you aren’t going to see much growth.   Just like people, companies are meant to grow and become more mature and recognized within their industry.  More likely than not, a stagnant company will just peter out and die, leaving you unemployed and searching for a job.  At this point, it is better to jump ship than to be there when the boat is going under.

2. The manager is completely content with their work and has little or no aspiration

This might be one of the worst scenarios that you will find.  Start updating your resume, because it is time to leave ASAP. You should notice this company feel nearly right off the bat.  Some main signals to look for –

Your boss is never available before 9 and after 5.  This includes an hour lunch break which makes their work day seven hours.

– He or she shows a complete misunderstanding of how to keep company expenses down. Once they get their hands on a corporate credit card, many middle management types will begin spending on expensive, unnecessary meals, office supplies and other no-need luxuries.  This only hurts the investors. It is also terrible when a manager can’t name the stock price.

Right before I began this company, I was doing sales with a company just like this, and due to a group of people who didn’t care about the business and I perceived to be somewhat lazy, I hit the road within four months and began KAS Placement.

3.  If the manager were to leave, there would be more than three people competing for the job

In good companies, you will see ambitious and competent co-workers being assigned more managerial tasks like taking leadership of a project or managing the launch of a new product coming out.  These leader types are often promoted internally, showing that the company is aware of what its employees are doing and is willing to reward good work when it is appropriate.

If you find yourself in the situation where you are one of twelve who would be up for a promotion when (and if) your manager ever left of was fired, get your resume and leave immediately.  If you are one of many, chances are that your boss’ boss does not know you last your name.  You will never make money in this environment and its time to leave and your hard work will probably be more appreciated elsewhere.

4.  Advertising, Marketing and Personnel Spending is Way Down

As a professional you ought to know what this means; management is probably attempting to sell the company. When purchasing a firm, the buying company typically will buy only the client list and nothing more.  Therefore, there is a good chance you be soon be on the job market.  Another thing to watch out for is when management has many “behind closed doors,” meetings with people whom you don’t know and are never introduced to.  Ask what’s going on – if your suspicions are correct, leave your company before they leave you.

Thinking about making a change?  Visit the KAS Placement Job Page:

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