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Entrepreneurship: Being Your Own Boss – Part Two

We talked about some of the perks of being your own boss, but its not always easy.

The Scary Sides To Owning Your Own Business

  • When You Own Your Own Business for a While You Become “Unemployable” – When you run a small business, you are essentially the CEO.  Therefore, you don’t have a specific job role such as “corporate accountant.”  Thus, when applying for a job, your resume will appear scatterbrained and, additionally firms want employees (in lieu of free thinkers).
  • You Don’t Know When Your Next Check is Going to Come In – This is somewhat irritating, but because you are a small business, guess what?  Your client would rather pay the pencil vendor before you.  Just make sure you have a firm contract, so if it comes down to it, you can negotiate a deal or retrieve all of your money via a lawsuit (though, it never really comes down to that).
  • You Are Responsible for Others – Now that my business is growing, I have people who I must watch out for.  Financially, I owe it to them to work as hard as possible and demonstrate clear leadership when needed.

Some days seem hopeless – Running your own company is not too much different than playing a roulette table.  Some days are rocks and others prove diamonds (or I believe that’s how the saying goes).  When you own your own business, you don’t have time to sulk about the past.  There are only two things you have time for – the first is learning from your mistake, the second is moving ahead.

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