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Entrepreneurship: Being Your Own Boss

Part One: The Perks

Later on I’ll explain how this all started, but to begin, I’d just like to say one thing:

I love my job.

If I didn’t, it wouldn’t be worth all the extra work and effort.  I simply wouldn’t have the energy to do it.  Being passionate about what you do is what is ultimately going to give you the drive and ambition it takes to be successful.  Building a new company from the ground up isn’t easy, but it can be very rewarding.  Here are some of the best things about running your own business:

The Advantages to Owning Your Own Business

Essentially, You Don’t Have to Answer to Anyone – One could argue that your clients control you, but in all reality if I foresee a client being more trouble than they’re worth, I won’t take them. I would recommend it to anyone who sees no ROI in the client to politely pass.  I consistently pass up business.  As I become more familiar with what determines a legitimate account versus a $0 work-a-thon, I know who to speak with and who to (politely) decline an offer from.

You Are Free to be Creative When you work in an office, you are supposed to do your daily job and pretend that the holes which exist in the company are simply a fragment of your imagination.  When you own your own business, it is your job to come up with creative ways to problem solve.  For instance, I recently had a very unethical client who kept threatening not to pay me.  Instead of letting him walk all over me or simply ignore the problem, I had to step up and become proactive in the project.  Through some effective negotiating, I was able to balance out the issue.

If You Spend Your Free Time Wisely, You Can Really Grow Your Business – When I’m not recruiting, I’m constantly doing web advertising (sort of like I’m doing now) or I’ll contact an old mentor for some advice.  Whichever path I decide to take within that half hour, it is spent productively and doing something that I feel makes my business better.

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