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When Someone Asks You to Describe Your Sales Style, You Better Have a Head-turning Answer

Tonight, I was in the process of interviewing a woman who was mundane in tone and had a overly inflated view of her professional monetary worth.  To seem like she was a hard to get sales candidate, she would not answer any of my questions.  Instead, she insisted on controlling the conversation even if it meant repeat questions and redundant statements.  Eventually, after gauging her talent, I knew there was one way to get her off the phone.  I asked her, amonst her never-ending chatter, to clearly describe her sales style.  I knew this would get her off the phone quickly because she was well above her pay grade.  The woman came up with four answers, one of them being “good.”  

Although this is quite a quirky story, the point is that if you wish to become a good salesman you need to know every sales style which exists – these include hunter sales, farmer sales, account management, new business acquisition, channel sales, inside sales, outside sales, BPO sales, Sales Engineers, telephone sales, – must I type more.  My point here is that to become valuable to the professional world you have to take the time to learn every in and every out of your industry or verticle.  Don’t ask for a Semi-Sr Base Salary for a Sales position and not be able to describe the trits that make up a good sales represnetative – it is a waste of my time and putting you in for the job would probably lose me my candidate.  I probably would not have thought twice or written about this particular person, if she wasn’t so self-important for reasons this sales recruiter will never undertand.

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