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What Makes a Good Salesperson – Bulleted

– Intelligence – If the sales representative is poorly educated or does not speak well – how is he supposed to speak with C-Level Executives

– Good writing skills – There is nothing that will turn people off more than terrible grammar, bad spelling and misuse of commas.  Using the aformentioned glitches makes the sales representative as well as the company look poorly. 

– Good prospecting skills – thinking outside of the box and being able to utilize the internet to find leads that would otherwise have been lost.   He / She has the ability to cold-call effectively and is able to get prospects interested in the product in a quick, efficient manner.  

– Good account management skills – includes the ability to make current clients happy and confident in the product.  Also, this means that the sales representative will get good recommendations from the clients that he / she brought on. 

– Good negotitation skills – a good salesman does not roll over to buyers and understands that sometimes buyers will pay more for his product.  However, he /she does not get too greedy, thus turing the prospective client off. 

– Driven by success – the type of salespeople who are best at their trade are the ones driven to make money and make both their lives and the company’s health better.  Being driven by success is a big part of sales as sometimes sales can be a gruling, drawn out process.    

– Good at marketing – a good salesperson, through research and experience, will learn how to properly market your product so that it is distinguished from your competitors’.  He / she will also be very proactive with a marketing department, or in the least, understand internet marketing.  He / she will make recommendations on how to get clients coming to the company via marketing and advertising. 

– “To the point speech” – a good salesperson does not go on and on about one subject.  They are quick witted, makes sure the client understands their concept then moves on to the next topic. 

– Autonomy – A good salesperson does not need to be watched over.  They take the iniative to do things by themselves and are not reliant on managment to be told what to do. 

– Concept oriented – A good salesperson can pick up concepts very quickly and is able to relay these concepts to clients.  A good salesperson can take a concept and, when describing it to a client, is able to almost paint a verbal picture of what he / she is trying to communicate.  Also, he / she occassionally asks if the client is with them on the concepts and moves on.

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    December 28, 2009
  2. Hi Anna,

    Please call the company and ask for Ken. Tell Alison that I told you to give me a call online.

    December 28, 2009
  3. Great idea, thanks for this tip!

    January 11, 2010
    • Thanks so much! I appreciate when people read these as they take a lot of work.

      January 13, 2010

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